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Galvano Series
The raw material Galvano (also known as Galvanised Steel) is used to design kitchens.
Galvano is environmentally safe and economically cost effective. Galvano comes in uniform and close tolerance of thickness paint consumption and better end product finish, which ensures higher yield in the applications resulting in more number of parts per kg when compared to ordinary galvanized products. Benefits of galvanized products include consistent thickness, superior surface finish, flat surface, highest corrosion resistance, uniform and superior zinc adhesion, optimum formability, superior paint adhesion and it is also eco friendly. Galvano does not need additional lead in its bath chemistry, making it a safe product to use and ROHS compliant.
Uniform & Superior Zinc Adhesion -
This prevents zinc peel-off and crazing (pebbly surface) during fabrication thereby ensuring end-product durability & finish.
Highest Corrosion Resistance -
Galvano offers superior corrosion resistance that increases the product’s life expectancy.